Varieties you can successfully grow

From tomatoes to eggplants and fresh herbs to leafy greens, the Nutritower grows an astounding variety of produce that'll make your meals irresistible.

*All growing timelines are estimated based on at least 10-14 hours of sunlight daily as well as our recommended watering cycle.

Messy but mature! A message from one of our Growers.

My tower as been more productive then ever! Honestly, it’s the first year I can say: I saved a lot from the grocery store! With 3 plants of spinach, 3 of bok choy, 10 cherry tomatoes, 4 sweet peppers, 1 green onions, 2 chives and the rest with herbs… From tartare, sushi, sauté, spaghetti sauce to bruschetta, every thing was tasting lovely and FRESH without having to go get any herbs anywhere else then my tower! It was soo productive that I am trying to grow bean and an asian pear tree beside… let’s see how it goes in a few weeks!

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