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Bring the Outdoors into your Classroom

"Nutritower has provided our school a unique opportunity to continue gardening throughout Montreal's long winters.  The tower is majestic to our children and has helped ignite an interest and respect for botany consistent with the Montessori philosophy." 

Jeffrey Cumming 

Learning to appreciate the wonders of gardening can begin right in the classroom.

When growing outdoors, the best growing months are when students aren’t in the classroom.

That’s where our indoor gardening system comes into play. With the Nutritower, students can benefit from a year-round hands-on learning experience that few activities can replicate.

Seed to Harvest

Our “Seed to Harvest” program includes

a pedagogical package complete with lesson plans, reading list, introduction for teachers and a news letter template to send home to parents.

Here are just a few examples of how the Nutritower can be used in your curriculum today:


Students can draw plants at very early stages and draw their predictions for future growth.


Students can analyze parts of a stem bisection to better understand plant anatomy and functions.

Enhancing Education

The Nutritower offers a unique and engaging way to improve the classroom experience

To see the transformation from seed to plant is a teaching tool that is extremely beneficial for students. With the Nutritower, teachers can incorporate many different cross-curricular activities using this growing process.


Students can measure plant growth and collect data at every stage. This data can then be graphed and compared against predictions.


The gardening process can help students make healthier food choices and understand its nutritional value.

At just over 5 and a half feet tall and 2 feet wide. Holding 32 plants – one for each student to take care of

the Nutritower grows plentiful produce using little more space than a classroom corner. And best of all, it does so without any soil, harsh chemicals, or difficult maintenance – which means teachers can focus on the thing that matters most: providing a great education.


Students can identify and analyze the necessary nutrients that make their plants grow. Experimenting with different values for ideal growth conditions.

Teaching Redefined

By bringing the Nutritower into the classroom environment, students get to understand how food is grown and how nutrition works. The true joy of eating a fresh tomato that students have nurtured from seed to maturity will not be taken for granted. It always puts a smile on their face.

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