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People and their Nutritowers

From family homes to schools and restaurants, Nutritowers are serving the needs of people and institutions the world around. Here are the stories of a few of our earliest customers who use our product daily to drive their businesses and keep their families well fed. We hope to be telling your story soon.

Nutritower for the family

Nutritowers are being used by families across the globe to bring life to the dinner table. Here’s the story of one Montreal family that’s been using our product from the very start.

Who: Teddy T.
Where: Montreal, Canada
Has owned a tower: 4 months +
Favorite things to grow: Cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes

For the first time this year, my husband and I decided to grow a small garden in our backyard. We grew lettuce, herbs, and a  few tomato plants – the usual suspects for beginner gardeners.

To our surprise, the biggest reward was not the wonderful produce we harvested, it was actually watching our kids interact with the garden! They loved watching the plants grow and picking the vegetables they’d eat for dinner

After seeing that, we figured investing in a solution that would let us garden year-round would be money well spent. We spoke to some friends, found the Nutritower and decided to give it a try. We loved the idea of having a bit of fresh produce year round, regardless of the season.

The kids were super pumped to get their Nutritower. We all debated on where we wanted to put it and got them to pick what plants they wanted to grow. We started with lettuce and cucumbers. The cucumber plants were the first to show real signs of life. Within a week they had tripled in size. The lettuce came next, showing real signs of growth every few days. We’ve since grown basil, tomatoes, and strawberries.

We’re now on our 4th month with our tower and we’re growing enough lettuce to garnish sandwiches and enjoy a fresh salad every other day. The basil we produce is a lovely addition to pizzas and pastas, and more importantly, it’s given a way for our kids to get involved in the kitchen. We’re enjoying the fresh food so much that we’re already planning on maintaining both our Nutritower and our outdoor garden next summer.

Nutritower in small homes

From large houses to studio apartments, our towers are being used in homes of all sizes. Here’s the story of how Nutritower’s founder lives with his tower.

Who: Bryce Nagels, Founder of Nutritower
Where: Montreal, Canada
Has owned a tower: 2 years.
Favorite things to grow: Lettuce, hot peppers, mint, basil

I love gardening. Some of the clearest memories I have as a kid are of my mom and I growing fresh vegetables in our back yard. We made and canned our own sauces and even produced pickles for the winter. This was a big deal to me and the tradition continued into my adult life.

Fast forward 30 some odd years later – I find myself living in a  medium-sized apartment in Montreal, a large Canadian city. I specify Canadian because we have a few key characteristics here, the predominant one being that we’re under the siege of winter for about 7 months of the year! Combine that with very little access to outdoor space and my gardening habits suffered from what I could grow only on my balcony.

The lights have also turned out to be an incredible energy booster. They perk me up when I get home in the dead of winter, after spending the entire day indoors. Add to that the burst of greenery from the growing plants and it’s been a very effective way of beating the winter blues.

The main attraction of the Nutritower is what I designed it to do in the first place: produce delicious high-quality food. I use mine mainly to grow lettuce and herbs. I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out different varieties of mint and basil in particular. The lettuce is bountiful, once it hits a certain size. I’ve also had good success growing hot peppers; I love to make my own hot sauce and they’re great in pasta dishes. I try to keep a decent rotation so I always have at least 4-5 plants ready to harvest at any time.

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