The Nutritower can pay for itself in less than 14 months.

Every penny you save goes right to your pocket and the value harvesting brings to your household is priceless.

An investment that goes a long way.

Using $3.00 as a conservative retail price for an average item of produce, you could save up to $1,152 in the first year alone.

Julie S. Nova Scotia

  • Our tower is part of our life! Very alive and bright, from home schooling via zoom,to playdate with friends to virtual family reunion, our tower is always there. The girls are always super excited when it’s time to go collect something in it! Our tower is brightening our life in so many aspects!
  • I love this so much. My kids' school has one, too. And since my son already knew how it worked he got to be a teacher's assistant when they transplanted.

Nutritower to table.

Food prices and shortages are increasing. Get ahead and start saving.

The Nutritower saves you money today while paying for it-self tomorrow.

This calculation applies to any produce you choose to grow. Simply change the average price, and see how much you'll save.

12 (harvests per year) x 32 plants = 384 items. 

384 x $3.00 = $1,152

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